HTC VIVE gunstock for the wand controllers VR-HS



VR-HS HTC Vive gunstock for the HTC Vive VR games console.

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 HTC VIVE gunstock for the HTC Vive VR games console


R-HS VR gunstock for the HTC Vive VR games console

The HTC Vive VR gunstock Called the VR-HS Makes First-person shooter’s in virtual reality much more immersive when paired with this gunstock . It’s designed around the HTC Vive Wand controllers and designed to be semi magnetic. For the front hand, instead of magnets, exact3D has designed a custom grip that is moulded around the Vive wand controllers to improve the HTC Vive gunstock feel when in game. This reduces weight and allows the feeling of reaching up and grabbing the gun “Just like in real life”. Also includes hand straps for both left and right controllers as, in order to use the HTC vive wand controllers for FSP shooters like Pavlov you need to have hand straps.


Check it out in action on this VIDEO

The VR gunstock also features:

  • 4-point contact
  • Left and Right controller straps
  • 4-point adjustments to match different gun layouts
  • Custom front grip
  • Magnetic rear controller mount
  • Gun sling
  • Adjustable cheek rest
  • Adjustable shoulder But
  • 3D Printed on industry leading 3D printers

This gun was designed and tested using the following games:

  • Pavlov
  • Contractors
  • Onward



Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 10 cm


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