Quest 2 VR Gunstock VR-HS – Carbon Fibre Edition

£85.99£95.99 inc VAT

£85.99£95.99 inc VAT

VR Gunstock Quest 2 VR-HS Carbon Fibre VR gunstock for the Oculus Quest 2 VR games console. Semi Magnetic Light Weight: SMG Upgrade

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Introducing the VR Gunstock Quest 2 VR-HS in Carbon Fibre: Achieve Unparalleled Immersion

Experience virtual reality like never before with the VR-HS VR Gunstock Quest 2, now available in a lightweight Carbon Fibre variant. Designed specifically for the Meta Quest 2 controllers, this VR gunstock delivers an unparalleled immersive feeling in the most popular VR games. Our primary objective in creating the VR gunstock for the Quest 2 was to provide gamers with the most realistic experience possible. That’s why we opted for a cup-like design for the front controller, perfectly tailored to fit the Quest 2 controllers. By simply reaching forward and grasping the front of the gun, users can replicate the action just as they would in real life.

We understand that weight is a crucial factor, which is why we offer the Carbon Fibre pole connectors option. This feature significantly reduces the weight of the VR gunstock, resulting in an ultra-light feel in your hands. To ensure a secure and firm grip, the rear controller utilizes a magnetic connector that holds the gunstock firmly in place. With a simple rocking motion of your hand, the gunstock can be quickly released.

Discover the VR-HS VR gunstock Quest 2 in action here

Key Features of the VR-HS VR Gunstock:

  • Manufactured using durable PLA+ material with 3D printing technology.
  • Includes two hand straps for Quest 2 controllers, ensuring a secure hold.
  • Features a 4-point body contact system for enhanced stability.
  • Offers 4-point adjustments to accommodate various gun layouts.
  • Custom front grip designed specifically for the VR-HS VR Gunstock.
  • Magnetic rear controller mount for quick and secure attachment.
  • Gun strap sling for added convenience.
  • Adjustable cheek rest and shoulder butt for personalized comfort.

What’s Included with VR-HS VR gunstock Quest 2:

  • 1 x VR-HS VR Gunstock for Meta Quest 2.
  • 2 x Controller hand straps.
  • 1 x Shoulder strap.

In addition to the above features, the VR Gunstock Quest 2 now offers an optional SMG upgrade. This upgrade allows gamers to utilize smaller gun types, such as SMG-style guns, without the need to reposition the VR-HS gunstock in the middle of gameplay. By combining the custom-designed cup with the front Quest 2 controller mount, players can effortlessly switch between an AR rifle/Sniper Rifle and a smaller SMG with a simple flick of the wrist. This enables players to fully explore the range of assault rifles and SMGs in their virtual adventures.

The SMG upgrade is now available in both the Aluminium and Carbon Fibre versions of the Quest 2 gunstock. 3D printed using extra strong and lightweight PLA+.

To witness the SMG upgrade in action on the Carbon Fibre version of the Quest 2 VR Gunstock, check out this video:


The SMG Upgrade can purchased separately for current VR-HS Quest 2 gunstock Owners HERE

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 10 cm
SMG Upgrade

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