HTC Vive Wand Controller Hand Straps / Grips

£19.99 inc VAT

£19.99 inc VAT


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HTC Vive Wand Controller hand straps that include a Rubber fitment that fits snug on to the bottom of the HTC Vive Controller. the bottom part of the hand strap is 3D printed with Flexible TPU filament for a tight fit. The Velcro part of the product comes with a plastic loop so you can wrap it around the top part of the HTC Vive Wand controller and Velcro strap it in, then the bottom part of the Velcro strap loops through and around the hoop in the Bottom flexible sleeve. Once you have adjusted the VTC Vive wand controller hand strap it will stay in place and not become loose.


  • The product includes both hand straps for the left and right hand controller
  • Bottom Sleeve made from TPU Flexible filament for a Tight fit
  • Ensures controller is not dropped when opening hands (Just like on the Valve Index)
  • Strong Velcro strap ensures a tight fitment
  • Perfect for playing FPV games like Pavlov and contractors.



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